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dV Photography seeks to photograph engagements and weddings with a beautiful, timeless, and natural touch. We seek to savor and preserve every moment of your wedding, from the announcement of your engagement to your walk down the aisle, our mission is to provide you with cherished wedding photographs to treasure for the rest of your lives.

In 2013, Paul and Jared officially launched the wedding photography business known as dV Photography. Paul and Jared strive to capture photos that encapsulate all of the precious moments throughout your wedding. From the small and precious details to the big and joyous moments, our wish is to capture every aspect of your journey to husband and wife through timeless, authentic, and beautiful photography.

Paul: Paul is a robotics engineer in the space industry by day and a creative, design-thinker by night. Paul has been a photographer since he was a kid, a passion inspired by his father, who also owned his own wedding photography business. Paul has an eye for natural, bright photography and a personality that puts you at ease. In his free time, Paul loves to travel with his wife, build things, and discover the world's best craft beer.

Jared: Jared is also an engineer in the space industry (see a trend here?) by day. Jared is a high-energy, easy-to-love guy with an ability to make anyone feel like a friend. Jared's love for photography began in college, where he picked up his first camera, and began to master the mechanics and understand the elements of capturing beautiful moments in time. Jared loves animals (especially his dog Kora), traveling with his wife, playing sports, and living an active life.

Grace: As dV Photography has grown, Paul's wife Grace has joined dV and is now a photographer on the team. Grace is a marketing professional with experience in design, social media, and event planning. She picked up her first camera in high school, where she took film photography classes and spent time in the dark room. Her creativity, eye for style, and design are the perfect addition to the team. Grace loves to learn, get lost in books, travel with Paul, read, and cook fun, delicious food.

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