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Affordable Houston Area Photography

Here at dV Photography, we strive to give you the most affordable option of professional Houston area photography. We are Jared and Paul, two photographers with a love for photography, and we will ensure that you get great results. We specialize in wedding photography, engagement photography, individual portraits (including senior portraits), family portraits, and event photography. Whether you're a couple in love, a family looking to capture a moment in time, or looking to preserve memories of a special life event, we can be there for you. Although we do not have a studio location, we still feel that we can give you high quality results at a fraction of the cost of our competition. We are highly proficient in post-processing the images we take to bring out the best colors and image quality.

Our philosophy is different than most photographers in that we feel that your memories are yours to keep and the photos should be yours to use as you see fit. As such, we provide you with full resolution digital copies of your images on a DVD approximately two weeks after your shoot. We also give you access to a private online gallery to share with family and friends. While we offer a wide variety of professional printed products at competitve prices, we feel that giving you the full resolution digital negatives with full printing rights gives you the most freedom.

We can seamlessly blend into any event and shoot on-location throughout the Houston area. For portraits, we enjoy working with you, the client, to decide on a great location that captures the unique characteristics of your shoot (or if you're out of ideas, we always have a few suggestions handy).

Our rates are extremely competitive, so please take a moment to browse our Portfolio or read a little more of our back-story. And, we'd always love to hear from you or see you at our Facebook Page!

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